Ultrahigh Frame Rate X-Ray Imaging

RMD had developed for the Department of Defense a modular, ultra-high-speed, high-resolution, digital X-ray imaging system with large active imaging area and microsecond time resolution, capable of acquiring at a rate of up to 150,000 frames per second. The system is based on a high-resolution, high-efficiency, fast-decay scintillator screen optically coupled to an ultra-fast image-intensified CCD camera designed for ballistic impact studies and hypervelocity projectile imaging. A specially designed multi-anode, high-fluence X-ray source with 50 ns pulse duration provides a sequence of blur-free images of hypervelocity projectiles traveling at speeds exceeding 8 km/second (18,000 miles/hour).

This series of X-ray images of a projectile traveling at 3.0 km/second (6710 mph) was acquired with our ultrahigh-speed dynamic X-ray imaging system. Note that internal structures and materials within the projectile are also resolved. These are raw images, without flat-field corrections applied.