Synchroton Studies

A customized X-ray imaging detector, consisting of the newly-developed ZnSe:Te coupled to an EMCCD with a 3:1 fiber optic taper, was tested at the BioCAT beamline 18 ID at the Advanced Photon Source. The 90 fps to 140 fps rate over which the detector was operated is high enough for capturing protein structural changes in stopped flow experiments. The figures below shows the embedded muscle SAXS image of an insect flight muscle obtained using the RMD detector and proves that the detector was suitable for SAXS applications.

Embedded muscle SAXS of MR 1967a IFM insect flight muscle, obtained using a RMD custom designed X-ray detector consisting of EMCCD and ZnSe:Te scintillator. High resolution, high sensitivity, and wide dynamic range of the ZnSe:Te-based detector is clearly evident.