Screen Printing

Screen printing is a flexible imaging process that plays a huge role in the production of innovative electronic circuitry. The most cost effective, versatile screen printed film technology has superseded other thin film technologies in that the technology can provide a multilayer hybrid circuits. The hybrid circuit can accommodate integrated circuits (ICs), resistors, capacitors and even inductors which are not possible in monolithic ICs. Most important of all, the film can be made as big as possible and there is a complete freedom in choice of the passive elements. The versatility of the process has given us the leverage to put the technology for the fabrication of scintillators that are used in Nuclear Medicine, especially in the early stage detection of cancerous cells.

The picture shows a screen printed mercuric iodide film on a TFT array fabricated at RMD, which will ultimately be used in mammography.

A screen printed mercuric iodide film on a TFT array.