Photonic Sensors

RMD is a world leader in fabricating, large area linear-mode and Geiger-mode APDs.  These detectors offer best-in-class specifications for use in optical applications including Lidar, Ladar, Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), calorimetry, scintillation detection, spectroscopy, biological fluorescence detection, and other applications.  RMD also manufactures monolithic, multi-element APD arrays and position-sensitive APDs using a patented planar processing method.

RMD’s scientists are exploring methods to enhance the performance of our photodiode technology for photonic-related applications.  In addition to exploring their use for many low light detection needs, we are also actively pursuing applications related to high speed imaging, tracking or ranging:

RMD is developing unique APD sensors to meet the challenges of diverse medical, military, and space applications.