Photon Counting Detection

In medical imaging, Photon counting X-Ray detectors will allow physicians to reduce the radiation dosage given to patients while providing enhanced image quality by improving spatial resolution and reducing detector noise. RMD is developing an advanced photon counting detector (APCDTM) that can detect and characterize the energies of individual x-ray photons. Such a device would prove broadly useful in computed tomography and digital radiography.

(a) Cadmium zinc telluride (CdZnTe) or CdTe sensors will be bump-bonded to Advanced Photon Counting Detectors integrated circuit CMOS chips to form APCD detector modules. (b) Modules may then be tiled to form APCD detectors, continuous pixel arrays of arbitrary. Modules will be mechanically attached individually to printed circuit motherboards supplying power and containing control and readout electronics. Modules may be individually removed for service.