Magnetics Nanoparticle Birefringence Assay Platform

The Need

There is an unmet need for blood assays that measures the distribution of biological particle sizes. An important example is the analysis of blood lipoproteins and other heart related markers. Additionally, assays for diseases, such as Lyme’s disease, look for the presence of antibodies that the body produces in response to the organism. Unfortunately, it takes weeks for antibodies to develop.

A better assay would be able to directly measure the organism, even at low levels in the blood. Given the high cost of healthcare it is important that tests take as few steps as possible to perform.

RMDs Solution

RMD’s assay platform utilizes magnetic nanoparticles to target the biomolecules or a disease organism. The orientation of these molecules or organisms in solution is random, but since they become attached to magnetic nanoparticles, they may be oriented by applying a magnetic field. This orientation may be measured in several ways, including light scattering anisotropy and optical birefringence. When the magnetic field is shut off, decay of anisotropy occurs because of rotational thermal diffusion and the rate of this decay measured to determine size and therefore the amount of biomolecules present.

RMD is developing a Magnetics Nanoparticle Birefringence Assay Platform.