Hight Speed Tracking

The Need

Laser tracking is often achieved using a focal plane array to image the movement of laser light reflected off of an object. While the use of a large array allows resolution of small movements over a wide field of view, the readout rate is too slow to resolve rapid motion.

RMD’s solutions

Using our position sensitive or quadrant APD detectors and custom amplification electronics, RMD’s scientists have fabricated a four-channel module for laser tracking with a bandwidth greater than 50 MHz. Designed for use in applications where weak return signals are expected, this module can be used to track objects from vehicles to microscopic particles. In addition, it can be used to resolve high speed repetitive motion such as the cantilever probes in atomic force microscopes (AMF). RMD’s high speed arrays also allows for simultaneous ranging when using a pulsed or modulated light source.

RMD uses a thermoelectrically cooled quadrant or position sensitive APD detector mounted in a 0.5-inch TO-8 package as part of our APD module for applications related to high speed tracking and ranging.