Solid-State Eddy Current Sensors and Sensor Arrays

RMD is developing an entirely new concept for eddy current testing based on solid-state sensors and sensor arrays. The sensors and arrays are made using photolithography resulting in exceptional uniformity and reproducibility while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The sensor arrays are highly flexible and wider than conventional hand wound coils resulting in faster, more reliable inspections leading to higher reliability and probability of detection.

The RMD solid-state eddy current inspection technology has the potential to improve the quality and speed of ECT for existing applications while reducing costs in aerospace, power generation and pipeline applications. RMD’s system can enhance the safety of aircraft and other vehicles, provide improved readiness of the DOD fleet, reduce wastage of expensive parts that might otherwise be discarded prior to damage, and extend the life of expensive complex systems such as aircraft, pipelines and heavy equipment.

RMD has developed solid-state sensors and sensor arrays that are compatible with existing state-of-the art eddy current test technology. The company has also developed support electronics and software that can be used with the sensors to create an extremely powerful turnkey ECT system offering both extraordinary performance and affordability. RMD can manufacture sensors and electronics to order for aero-engine, airframe, pipeline, heat exchanger and other applications. RMD is also developing a battery powered mobile ECT system for cramped environments.

ECT Robotic Test Station

Flange Probe

Bore Hole Probe

2D Sensor Array