RMD’s digital dosimeter uses standard integrated circuit fabrication techniques to create a high-performance “real-time” system that is low-cost, highly compact and inherently low power. X-rays, gamma-rays and neutrons are detected using a newly-developed “dual-mode” scintillator coupled with a rugged solid-state photomultiplier. Radiation levels (R) are reportable in real-time. Spectroscopic energy levels detected and stored electronically in the device are retrievable via a separate PC-software application which accurately calculates and records Human Equivalent Dose (Rem). No annealing lasers or chemicals are needed to assess or reset dose levels. Prototypes have demonstrated capability of meeting ANSI N13.11-2009 Category II standards.

Performance Summary



Dose Range (@ 662 keV)

0.5 mR

1400 R

  Dose Rate Range

Background (~3 cpm)

120 R/Hr


Key Features

  • Active dosimeter reports dose from X-ray, Gamma-rays and Neutrons in real-time
  • Uses Dual-Mode scintillator coupled with highly-sensitive solid-state photomultiplier
  • Constructed using state-of-art IC fabrication techniques: Lower Cost, Smaller Size, Low Power
  • Separate PC application software reports precise human dose using spectroscopic data stored in the dosimeter
  • Software-resettable: No annealing lasers or chemicals are needed to read or reset dosimeter
  • Demonstrated ability to meet ANSI N13.11-2009 Category II. Categories I and V are planned
  • Technology readiness: Demonstration of operation in relevant environment
  • Pre-set factory calibration (field calibration possible)