Customized Radiation Imaging Detection

RMD has developed a thorough understanding of the functionalities, advantages and limitations of existing photodetectors of every type; from basic PMTs and simple commercial CMOS and CCD sensors to light-conserving imaging intensifier tubes, virtually noiseless electron-multiplying CCDs (EMCCDs) and specialized ultra-fast (150,000 frames per second) CCDs.
One of our latest X-ray detectors features a custom-designed Electron Multiplying CCD, incorporating a permanently attached 1:1 fiber optic plug. This detector has very low noise due to TE cooling and EM gain and is geared towards very low X-ray fluence applications. It is capable of single X-ray photon detection above 30 keV when coupled with RMD’s 150 micron thick CsI:Tl scintillator. It is built for flexibility and features a detachable 6:1 and 3:1 taper with the ability to replace the scintillator in the field.

(Right) Custom-designed prototype Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD), incorporating a permanently attached 1:1 fiber optic plug.

The latest in a long series of high frame rate, high sensitivity, high resolution X-ray imaging detectors is one built using a 1K x 1K CMOS sensor which has the ability to read images at 2,000 frames per second for the whole field of view, and can read up to 120,000 frames per second for a smaller area. It has a 7 cm x 7 cm field of view and 65 micron effective pixel size. It can be packaged with any of our high performance scintillators.

(Above) RMD’s latest high frame, high sensitivity, high resolution X-ray imaging detectors.

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Radiation Imaging Detectors