RMD’s ultimate goal is for our research to lead to commercial products. During the commercialization process we constantly build prototypes to test our designs. Many of these prototypes are available for purchase. If you are interested in discussing how we can build any of these prototypes for you, please contact us at


RMD is a world leader in fabricating, large area linear-mode and Geiger-mode APDs. RMD also manufactures monolithic, multi-element APD arrays and position-sensitive APDs using a patented planar
Processing method


Solid State Photomultipliers

Solid State Photomultipliers (SSPMs) – a solid state PMT replacement. RMD’s SSPMs are optimized for pulsed, low-light applications at room temperature including:

  • Scintillator readout for radiation detection
  • Lidar
  • LIBS
  • Luminescence sensors
  • Gamma-ray imaging
  • Direct Particle detection
  • Space dosimetry



In the search for brighter and more responsive scintillators, a major effort has been made to develop improved scintillators from the alkaline earth and the rare earth halide families. Two of our most promising materials are CLYC (and SrI2. They have higher light output, better energy resolution and improved decay times in comparison to common scintillators such as NaI(Tl).




At RMD we fabricate structured CsI:Tl screens as large as 47×47 cm2 size, and have extensive experience in micro-columnar growth of high resolution screens.

A CsI panel measuring 47×47 cm2

Eddy Current technology

RMD is developing an entirely new concept for eddy current testing based on solid-state sensors and sensor arrays. The company has also developed support electronics and software that can be used with the sensors to create an extremely powerful turnkey ECT system offering both extraordinary performance and affordability. RMD can manufacture sensors and electronics to order for aero-engine, airframe, pipeline, heat exchanger and other applications.

RMD’s robotic station and eddy current probe

Augmented Reality

RMD is developing a revolutionary training and enabling technology based on augmented reality. It is extremely valuable for speeding training and repairs, detecting and preventing errors, saving money and time, and improving safety.

RMD’s Augmented Reality Workstation