Augmented Reality

RMD is developing a revolutionary training and enabling technology based on augmented reality. This highly adaptable technology is automatically tailored to the skills of the individual user. RMD calls the novel training and enabling technology ARES (Augmented Reality System). It is extremely valuable for speeding training and repairs, detecting and preventing errors, saving money and time, and improving safety. Due to the universality of ARES technology, it can be used to accelerate and enhance a wide range of tasks using a simulated expert assistant to assist individuals learn and complete complex tasks. The system consists of a cost effective hardware component and highly versatile software modules that enable the user to rapidly and easily train ARES for many different tasks.

ARES can operate as a workstation or as a mobile device to assist personnel when performing their duties. It is controlled by voice command, has 3D recognition of its environment, and provides real-time assistance to the user on an as needed basis by projecting data directly into the environment (e.g. onto a PCB, test equipment or transmission component) using a portable laser projector. It monitors the user and detects and identifies errors. The laser projector can be used in daylight, in an office and in a factory. Visual prompts are augmented with voice command and control.

ARMS Workstation

ARMS overlaying PCB components from schematic onto display for technician

ARMS displayed on a networked portable tablet

Portable ARMS System